Vufine Officewarming

October 10, 2015

We recently made a couple upgrades to our office situation. We were originally scattered throughout the floor of our building, but we’ve finally been able to get an entire section of the floor for ourselves. No longer in our own little lonely worlds. We all got desks along the windows where we have full view of the beautifully deadly Lawrence Expressway and Kifer Rd intersection. (A lot of accidents happen here)

As if to shout to the world that we exist, we put up a Vufine banner at the top of our building. We were also able to get windowed walls to section off our area making it feel like an actual official office.

To celebrate all these things, we decided to invite a small group of people to have some food and beers with us and show the development of the product as we were reaching shipping time at the end of November. It was short and sweet.

Thank you to everyone who came!

Officewarming Party

Officewarming Party

God damnit...

Damnit Daniel…

New Walls

The glass walls minus the door. We have a door now.

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