Tahoe 2015

December 22, 2015

Yesssss it has come…winter, which in turn means…Tahoe Time!!!

At 1800 we embark the Party Bus aka the Chevy Suburban rental and we start off strong. Every genre of music, disco light, car barring, and attempting to violate every road rule there is.

Party Strobe

Party Strobe

Strong Flash

Strong Flash

Last group to get there at around 1am? But ready to partake in the festivities.

Didn’t take many photos the first day or much of the cabin itself, but the next day is when we had some clean, free fun.




And then when the boarding crew came back, we began day 2. Eating an exquisite feast procured from some of the top chefs of the West Coast within my group of friends. (Thank you Khoi, Victoria, Henry 😀 )

"Cut the chicken peon!" - Henry "Yes chef..." - Me

“Cut the chicken peon!” – Henry “Yes chef…” – Me

After finally digesting, we continue the festivities.

So Thug

And then finally, I present to you…”Ridiculously Photogenic Human Being”

Ridiculously Photogenic Human Being

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