Maker Faire 2015

May 18, 2015

Shotaro, an old coworker of mine, has been working on a project with some of his buddies and their project was able to get a booth at this year’s Maker Faire. He said he could get me some discount tickets to the event, so I got three for Grace, Kenneth, and myself.

It wasn’t really amazing, but it wasn’t not interesting. It seemed just like a hodgepodge of science fair projects that weren’t particularly game changing. But that’s what Maker Faire is, “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, which sounds a bit elementary school and very much felt so because of the great amount of elementary school kids there.

Not saying I didn’t have a good time. There were just a lot of random things done by smart people.

And if anyone would like to check out Shotaro’s project, it’s called Empathy VR. It’s pretty awesome, it reminds me of Sword Art Online. (for those who understand) It basically allow you to be somewhere else remotely.

I took more videos than photos at this event, so check out my professionally edited video below!


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