CES 2016

January 14, 2016

DAY 1 – 1/4

I was lucky enough to go to CES last year as just an attendee, but this I was even lucky-ER to attend CES as an exhibitor!

Me and our marketing team (Daniel and Nadhiya) drove down to Vegas early so that we could make sure all of the assets for our booth were there and ready.

And so we begin our 10-hour trek…

Disclaimer: if you’re expecting a lot pictures of interesting things I saw from CES, you will be disappointed. Feet hurt too goddamn much from boothing to thoroughly check out the rest of the venue. I’m just gonna waterboard you with pictures surrounding the events of this week.

CES 20160104

A herd of windmills on the side of the road.

CES 20160104 19 31 04

Driving into Vegas

After a few games of 20 questions and talking about….things…we finally check into our hotel and then head over to Caesar’s Palace to find a place to eat. We decide to go to Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill and begin our Vegasing.

Afterwards, we decided to get a drink and fell upon an open lounge near the tables that we would revisit again and again throughout this trip. And now I reveal to you our Marketing Manager in his most natural state (in more than one photo):

DAY 2 – 1/5

CES 20160105 13 57 47

CES 20160105 13 55 06Day before CES officially starts, we head on over to the grounds to check on the booth. We see a ton of construction workers and personnel setting up all the other booths; some huge, some small.  We walk over past the fitness section, then the 3D printing section, past the Sands “Bistro”, and finally see our booth at a corner. (Booth backdrop designed by Victoria!)

CES 20160105 13 50 19

After we finish taking care of inspecting the booth and grabbing some food. We go back to the hotel to charge all of our units and peripherals to prepare for the storm that is manning a booth for 9 hours.

CES 20160105 21 44 09

DAY 3 – 1/6

CES…..begins. And we prepare the booth.

CES 20160106 11 03 48

We finish a successful day of pitching to an enthusiastic group of techies. We made a mistake of not getting any chairs, so the seed of sorrow had been planted into my heel. We head on to grab dinner and then head, again, to that same lounge in Caesar’s Palace. Which in turn means, more pictures of Daniel.

After a successful night of lounging, we top the night off with a good night’s sleep more drinking.

CES 20160106 23 28 36

DAY 4 – 1/7

I get the morning shift for the second day of boothing, which meant I was able to walk around the venue afterwards. I decided to go to Central Hall where a lot of the big name booths were, but it wasn’t that exciting because a lot of it looked the same as last year. Booths looked the same, stuff they were doing and showing were generally the same. The only pic I bothered to take was the awesome dome of OLED TV’s inside the LG booth.

Wall of OLED screens also covering the ceiling.

After walking around and the seed of sorrow sprouting, we head back to the hotel to rest for a bit then head to the Hard Rock Hotel to eat some Mexican food at ‘Pink Taco’.

DAY 5 – 1/8

Apprently…I didn’t take any pictures this day, but I assure you there was more of the usual boothing, eating, and drinking.

DAY 6 – 1/9

Finally, the last day.

I had the morning shift again, which meant afterwards we were free for the rest of the day. So Daniel and I first got lunch at Otto, which I had the day before, but only got their Bugatoni (which was mmm mmm) and had to get their pizza this time.

CES 20160109 13 22 25


We walked around more of the venue, but then went back to the hotel to relax before our celebratory dinner with the whole team for a job well done. We decided to make reservation at The Capital Grille.

CES 20160109 20 05 56

And so that ends CES 2016! And we have already reserved a longer booth for next year! Vufine GO GO GO!

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