Becoming a Master

June 13, 2015

Master of Science in Architectural Engineering!!!

This honor goes to Master Brice Yokoyama. Congratulations…again.

Went out to San Luis Obispo to share the moment.

First thing we do morning of the ceremony? Wake up at 5 AM to get ready to go to a bar that opened at 6 AM for graduates. So we take some shots to help wake us up and jumpstart our morning. Too bad for us, but the bar was too packed and line too long for us to make it in. We actually get to the front of the line, but decide…not enough time. So we head back with a few more shots in us given by Brice’s colleagues.

And off to the ceremony we go…

And here’s Brice at his department ceremony where he had the audacity to try and leave without taking a picture with his superiors.

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